Future at LSC

Career Growth Opportunities​


Induction period
• Functional training
• Industry specific in-house training

Mentoring and On-the-job Feedback

• Senior mentorship
• Formal and informal feedback during projects

International Experience

• Project experience with international teams and international clients

International Transfer

• Semester / Year rotations in one (or more) of the
LSC offices

Support for Further Development

Sponsorship of foundational international sector specific education programs, regularly offered although not mandatory (based on performance)

Job Opportunities​

Please refer to our LinkedIn page for the latest updates on available offers.

Students and New Graduates


We are seeking candidates with a passion for the life sciences and an interest in strategy consulting, looking to combine science and business. Candidates should have demonstrated ability with complex problem-solving, an entrepreneurial drive, and the ability to think strategically. 

Required Skills: ​

Expertise: ​


Experienced Professionals​


We are looking for people with a passion for management consulting and the Life Sciences industry, with a strong attitude to problem-solving, entrepreneurship and strategic thinking. You will work closely with our clients to tackle complex challenges and help shape the future of the life science sector. ​​

Required Skills: ​

Expertise: ​

We are looking for motivated talents with a strong background in management consulting. While experience in the life science sector is a plus, we value individuals who possess excellent consulting skills and a willingness to learn about the industry.