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We specialize in strategic commercial due diligence services that empower our clients to make informed investment decisions in the broad Healthcare Industry.

We support investors in understanding deal potential, risk/reward mapping through our commercial expertise and broad domain understanding of the healthcare industry.

Support to PE/VC

Deal Generation

Support to Acquisition

Portfolio Companies Support

Support to Corporates

LSC Services

LSC can support PE and VC houses across all stages of the investment life cycle, from selecting the right deal to supporting the development of an exit strategy


Deal ​ Generation​

  • Find the right investment
  • Focus on the right investment thesis​
  • Create a pipeline of potential investments

Due Diligence

  • Go / no go decision​
  • Right value​
  • Identify target full potential

Portfolio Companies Support​

  • Short term post acquisition plan​
  • Increase company value​
  • Add On strategy and plan​


  • Maximize deal return


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Deal ​ Generation​

  • Potential targets screening​
  • Target identification and approach​
  • Work on a sound investment thesis​
  • Pre DD​

Due Diligence

  • Commercial/vendor DD:​
    • Cost and performance improvement​
    • Preliminary post-acquisition strategy​
    • Validate market structure and potential value​
    • Test and validate the clinical use and business case​

Portfolio Companies Support​

  • Top line growth opportunities​
  • Post-merge acquisition plan and synergies achievement​
  • Portfolio Optimization​
  • International Market Entry Strategy​
  • M&A strategy​
  • ADD-ONs screening


  • Exit planning / exit maturity check (12/18 months before exit)​
  • IPO support​
  • Identification of potential buyers

Success Stories

Gap Analysis of Company and Offering – hardware and software

GTM with Exit Strategies of neuro diagnostics software device

Gap Analysis of Product Offering – hardware and software

Commercial Opportunity Assessment with Exit Strategies of portable image-guided hardware and software device

Business case review and Commercial Opportunity Assessment with Exit Strategies of at-home device

Business case review for intra-operative guidance tool


Industry Leaders

Evelyn Tee

Evelyn Tee

Washington D.C.

Sabeen Shaikh

Sabeen Shaikh

San Francisco, California

Fabio Lotto

Fabio Lotto

Milan, Italy