About us

Who we are

LSC is your partner in advancing therapies to patients. We support healthcare organizations in building and implementing actionable strategies for long-term success. Our teams with diverse and deep-domain experience can help keep you ahead in the rapidly changing landscape of rare and advanced therapies, personalized solutions, digital health and value-based care.

Our Differentiators

LSC’s dedicated team utilize their vast collective knowledge and experience to develop proprietary approaches and tailored solutions to help lifescience companies achieve their business goals.


LSC's engagements encompass a diverse range of projects, spanning 15+ therapeutic areas. This vast two-decades experience has also led to the enhancement of our market-shaping capabilities, allowing us to effectively navigate emerging market dynamics and new trends.


LSC's extensive experience in conducting 1000+ projects across multiple therapeutic areas with numerous major brands over nearly two decades reflects our capability and adaptability in project execution.

Senior Involvement

LSC is known for its Partners and Principals dedication and commitment. Partners and Principals are actively involved in all our projects, ensuring a mature and tenured perspective and utilizing diverse expertise and resources.

Robust Analytics

Our depth-rich structured analysis and evidence-generation approach helps in building firm and actionable insights to anchor critical business decisions.

Proprietary Methodologies

LSC’s proprietary methodologies like center-based assessment, capacity mapping, prescribing behavior algorithms, etc. help in navigating uncommon and complex specialty markets as well as emerging therapies and care delivery systems.