Business Case

Commercial development and operations for a novel retinal imaging biomarker in multiple sclerosis (MS)

LSC assisted a leading diagnostic imaging company in ophthalmology to uncover and value a new growth opportunity for retinal imaging in assessing axonal injury, neurodegeneration, and disease progression in multiple sclerosis. LSC worked with leading neurology and ophthalmology key opinion leaders to define product benefits, features, and performance characteristics for modifying ophthalmic optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology needed to assess changes in retinal structure of individuals with MS. LSC supported product development and commercialization planning, developed an approach to clinical validation and the commercial go-to-market strategy. Our comprehensive efforts, encompassing academic and pharmaceutical company clinical research, clinical validation and publication strategies, regulatory and reimbursement landscaping, and product launch planning, enabled our client to commercialize and market a novel neurology-specific OCT platform with a market potential of $350M in MS and other neurodegenerative diseases.