Business Case

Defined and compared the treatment paradigms for two types of depression in several LATAM markets with the global “gold standard” to understand the value of programs designed to improve patient care

A large, global pharmaceutical company sought to understand the landscape of mental health care in several LATAM countries in hopes of developing solutions to improve care. Our client sought LSC’s help to develop this characterization and compare it against the activities and resources available in developed countries. LSC performed this characterization and identified several programs and actions the client could readily implement to improve the healthcare marketplace in the LATAM countries.

As a follow-up to this work, our client requested a deep dive into major depressive disorder to understand treatment gaps and unmet needs. LSC worked with all stakeholder groups to identify the opportunities of precision psychiatry for patient identification, risk management and treatment. LSC ultimately built an interactive tool to demonstrate the value of precision psychiatry based on the patient’s unmet needs, and, when combined with patient segmentation work, extrapolated to a country level to demonstrate the value of precision psychiatry within each country.