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Forecasting And Clinical Management Decision Analytics

Simulated pricing discount expectations and business impact of four successive label expansions of a blockbuster oncology franchise 

Market and patient access scenario planning for a pipeline hemophilia asset

Assessed challenges to improve the quality of multiple sclerosis care in LATAM for a large pharmaceutical company looking to publish a position paper to guide the improvement of care for these patients

Defined and compared the treatment paradigms for two types of depression in several LATAM markets with the global “gold standard” to understand the value of programs designed to improve patient care

Identified expected penetration and uptake of a DMD therapy in EU-4 + UK using LSC center-based assessment (CBA) methodology to inform 5-year commercial forecast and dependent business decisions at a mid-sized European pharmaceutical company  

Therapeutic landscape characterization for a CNS-targeted Enzyme replacement therapy, laying the groundwork for future clinical activities