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Cell & Gene Therapy

Developed a market map to inform a mid-size GTx manufacturer’s commercial strategy and launch planning

Developed comprehensive approach to navigate international reimbursement for a GTx while managing channel-specific pricing considerations

Developed a launch excellence plan, based on local market inputs for a global pharmaceutical company

Developed a comprehensive understanding of referral flows for a Cell Therapy in development for Type 1 Diabetes to inform strategic commercial engagement planning at a mid-sized pharmaceutical company

Defined the key requirements for novel GTx entry and regional access to inform regional access strategies and planned activities and further organizational alignment initiatives

Developed drivers and potential barriers of Hematologist GTx adoption to understand the impacts on patient adoption and inform strategic commercialization planning for a mid-sized biotech

Reconstructed launch experience to inform early commercial planning at a large pharmaceutical company developing a GTx

Characterized Hemophilia GTx Infusion center networks and developed processes to track and validate center readiness, informing commercial strategy and planning at a large pharmaceutical company

Developed a comprehensive understanding of the DMD GTx infrastructure of care to wholistically inform commercial planning for a large pharmaceutical company

Identified expected penetration and uptake of a DMD therapy in EU-4 + UK using LSC center-based assessment (CBA) methodology to inform 5-year commercial forecast and dependent business decisions at a mid-sized European pharmaceutical company