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Clinical validation strategy and go-to-market planning for an AI-integrated product that automates imaging analyses

Defined investment criteria, including the business model and P&L, allowing an investment management company seeking to expand their life sciences practice

Evaluation of physician adoption and marketing responsiveness of an innovated ophthalmology product by an enhanced awareness, trial, and usage (ATU) methodology

Eyecare franchise commercial harmonization and optimization

Evaluated and refined promotional materials with robust market research methodologies

Developed a targeting approach based on identification and definition of key HCP segments to inform a go-to-market strategy

Assessed the burden of inherited retina diseases to provide several emerging markets with policy-informing data and financial models to raise awareness of the burden of these diseases

Characterized potential adoption challenges for a developmental allergic conjunctivitis product to facilitate strategic commercialization planning at a mid-sized ophthalmology company

Identified Drivers of Physician Switch in dry eye disease, informing the commercial strategy of a mid-sized, ophthalmology company 

Mapped treatment landscape for a rare ophthalmology indication in APAC for a mid-sized pharmaceutical company, including eligible patient population and pricing levels