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Pricing, Reimbursement, MA Strategy

Developed comprehensive Payer Portfolio Offerings, including Services and Payment Strategies in several emerging markets, including the Middle East, Gulf Countries, Saudi Arabia and LATAM​

Developed comprehensive approach to navigate international reimbursement for a GTx while managing channel-specific pricing considerations

Constructed a value proposition and IMSS (Mexico) access plan for a novel multiple sclerosis (MS) therapy

Developed a value proposition for an EGFR-targeting biologic intended to be marked by a large international pharmaceutical company to present to IMSS in Mexico

State Medicaid coverage assessment for a novel hemophilia drug

Defined the key requirements for novel GTx entry and regional access to inform regional access strategies and planned activities and further organizational alignment initiatives

Developed regional market access strategies in several emerging markets to ensure strong market access for our multinational pharmaceutical company client

Developed a lifecycle-revenue-maximizing pricing strategy for a large pharma CNS treatment

Assessed the Mexican private payer migraine market to understand the current market situation, synthesize the commercial opportunity and develop a launch strategy for migraine products